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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  August 13, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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> linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. now everybody is hurt and it's time to hold together and heal. >> an emotional day as a northern california firefighter is laid to rest. service members from all across the state gathered to pay their
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respects to a fallen hero. hundreds of people lined the highway in south lake tahoe to honor a firefighter. a tree fell on michael hallenbeck killing him as he fought a fire in the el dorado national forest. people saluted as the procession went by. >> the family grew up here together, they played together, went to high school together. we lost a member of our family. important to show our support. >> and we all want to pay our respects and honor this fine young man. >> firefighters from across the state attended to show their support. today firefighters are reinforcing containment lines around the "jerusalem fire" in lake and napa counties but the windy weather could hamper the efforts. the fire is 33% contained. it burned more than 23,000 acres since sunday. evacuations remain in effect.
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50 structures are considered threatened. so far no homes have burned. we may be heading into a weekend warmup but winter is coming and it looks like it's going to be wet. roberta gonzales in the weather center with the latest on the el nino report. >> from the kpix 5 weather center this afternoon, we have noticed in a new report the national weather service says all computer models, all of them, are now predicting a strong el nino to peak in the late fall or early winter. el nino is a warming of ocean temperatures that changes the path of the jet stream and essentially where waterfalls. in order -- in order for el nino to be considered strong it has to be 2 degrees warmer than average for three months in a row in the pacific. very strong el ninos have a track record of nearly doubling or averaging our rainfall totals like we saw in california in 1997 and '98.
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experts predict that this el nino could dump a substantial enough rain to put a dent in our drought. now, we kind of try to sort of emulate what we have just been talking about here and i know when you look at this you say i don't understand it at all. it looks like a big red blob. but actually this blob indicates the sea surface temperature over the pacific ocean. where you see this revved here, that's as of this month of august, that signifies that the temperatures of the water surface temperatures averaging about 2 celsius above average. that means our water temperature should be about 54 degrees. but we have been experiencing water temperatures anywhere between about 61 and 67 degrees off our own local coast. this is a very strong indication that, yes, el nino is forming and, yes, we are going to have a wet late fall, early winter. >> thank you. it is big news for shoppers today. the san francisco premium outlets in livermore is opening 30 new stores. the parking lots are already
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packed. cars lined up to get in. why am i not there? kpix 5's anne makovec was in livermore for the grand opening. >> 4, 3, 2, 1! whoo! >> reporter: welcome to phase 2 of the san francisco premium outlets, the addition of 30 new stores giving it a new distinction. >> 696,000 square feet. we have the largest outdoor outlet center in california. >> reporter: expect traffic troubles on the side streets trying to get here and the i- 580 freeway near el charro. they blocked off one of the entrances initially to create a smoother traffic flow. >> really i think it's going to be a lot easier and now that people are used to the center, we have more people that are coming in on buses. >> reporter: the outlets opened in november 2012 and at that point, the traffic around the area was brutal! you may remember the outlets were originally named the livermore premium outlets. the owners changed the name to
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san francisco eight months ago. >> we're part of the san francisco region. and we are the livermore wine country. so the way it all comes together is branding this. >> reporter: the center employs 2,000 full and part-time employees. with this expansion comes 750 new jobs. the center brings in 10% of the city's sales tax. and that's before the expansion. >> that allows us to provide services not only here for the outlets but for the rest of the community, as well. so it's very important to us. >> reporter: and this place will continue to grow. 20 additional stores are slated to open between now and the end of the year. in livermore, anne makevoc, kpix 5. tech campus turned crime scene early this morning. kpix 5's keit do with what we know so far about san jose's latest homicide. >> reporter: the crime scene stretched into the daylight hours in north san jose. csi techs have been coming and going from 1885 lundy avenue
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where a semi-conductor design an manufacturing company is located. at 1 a.m., officers got here and found one man with a gunshot wound. paramedics took him to the hospital where he died. one of the nearby workers on the graveyard shift heard a sergeant on scene that said it was possibly drug-related. officers were seen walking around looking for surveillance cameras that might have been pointed at the crime scene. this is about two blocks north of the main post office on lundy avenue inside the lundy professional center. this complex that's been cordoned off includes a lot of high-tech businesses, as well as a church of scientology. a lot of workers will be inconvenienced today. >> completely shocked. i'm devastated to hear it would half so close to where i work. >> exactly what was the victim doing there? who did the victim show up there with? how did he show up there? what's the connection to the place? did it occur there or did it happen outside? why did he go out? there's a lot of unknowns. >> reporter: this is the city's 19 homicide of the year.
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in north san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. contra costa county could be getting new housing for inmates. the sheriff's office will propose the idea to the board of supervisors next week. it would add units to the west county detention facility in richmond. the plan is to use a housing to provide treatment programs for inmates. china's president is promising severe punishment for those behind a series of deadly explosions at a warehouse holding toxic chemicals. [ explosions ] >> and those blasts killed at least 50 people and injured hundreds of others wednesday night. surveillance video shows shock waves knocking people off their feet. hospitals were overwhelmed with victims. no word on the cause of the explosions. the government suspended firefighting until a team of chemical experts can determine what was inside. today a peninsula school board will decide whether to build a couple of new schools to handle a growing enrollment. the san mateo/foster city school district will vote on a construction plan. one school would be in foster city, the other in san mateo's
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north-central neighborhood. $150million bond measure would go on the november ballot. one of the biggest events of the 2016 presidential race under way now. yes, the iowa state fair in des moines. every four years the ten-day event takes on greater importance as most of the major candidates make an appearance. the hawkeye state is always home to the first contest in the race for the white house. the iowa caucus is scheduled for february 1. how excited are you? >> yeah. bring it on. >> football season is rapidly approaching! >> this weekend single game tickets for the 49er games in santa clara went on sale a couple of hours ago and, of course, kpix 5 is your 49ers preseason station. tune in this weekend on saturday night at 4:30 for a preview of game 1 and then at 5:00, it's the 49ers taking on the texans right here on channel 5. and basketball season may be over but the warriors are still enjoying their nba title. and by the way, so are we. this morning, the championship trophy along with some warriors
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girls stopped by the studio to share some of their championship love and our newsroom enjoyed every bit of it. a lot of selfies. >> i know. >> going on today. >> pretty cool. from craft beer to designer donuts, the newest trend in specialty products that will make your tastebuds tingle. >> talk about an unusual pet. these goats aren't your typical ranch animals. why it's becoming more and more popular to bring one home. >> good afternoon, everybody. from the kpix 5 weather center, heading outdoors we have clouds stacked up at the coast. now, the effect those clouds will have on your thursday. i have the details as the news continues right here on kpix 5. ,
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always talking about food in this show. [ indiscernible ] hamburger used to mean plain ketchup and must start. not anymore. condiments have gone exotic. as marlie hall reports, businesses are cashing in. >> reporter: you can usually find pierre at the bar. >> this is where the fun happens. >> reporter: helping people find something they like. >> first a smell. >> reporter: she is a sommelier for my mustard boutique in new york city offering more than 30 flavors of high-end mustard ranging in price from $9 to $90. i have heard of wine sommelier even tea sommelier. you are the first i heard of a must star sommelier. >> my role is to help choose the mustard. >> reporter: the store opened last year and the company says mustard sales are steadily increasing. but at empire mayo in brooklyn, another condiment is king. elizabeth and sam mason started
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making and selling artisan mayonnaise three years ago and sales doubled since then. >> we are worldwide. >> reporter: 10 flavors cost from $5 to $10. white truffle, sriracha and bacon are the best sellers. >> wow! >> that bacon flavor is really strong. >> reporter: high-end condiments are part of a movement towards specialty products from craft beer and soda to designer donuts. >> i think people really want to try something that they haven't heard of before that's new and that's exciting to switch it up. >> reporter: these businesses hope the demand for something new continues to spread. marlie hall for cbs news, new york. in case you're curious mayonnaise is the nation's best selling condiment. >> and 2013, americans bought $2 billion worth of mayo. >> kind of a ketchup guy. put it on everything. >> me, too. >> how about you, roberta? >> all i got to say is, speaking of hot -- maria
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medina's mother is in the studio! and before she leaves i'm going to make her one of my favorite weather watchers. oh, yes indeed! let's see what our weather watchers are reporting in the area. anywhere between 68 degrees with barely any clearing so says george in san francisco to full-on sunshine in san jose at 84 degrees. thanks, mike, for that. we do have a combination of some blue skies over the san francisco and a layer of low clouds and fog hanging tight to the coast this afternoon. temperatures in the 60s in san francisco and oakland. to 83 throughout the tri- valley. it jumped quickly in the tri- valley today. we have a sea breeze up to 12 miles an hour at sfo. across the bay 12 in hayward. 13 in concord, clayton and walnut creek. up to 20-mile-per-hour winds at this time at fairfield. this is the scene where the coast is not clear. gray skies there. and remember 24 hours ago on this show yesterday? we had bright blue skies from sausalito to san francisco.
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now limited visibility due to that deep deck of low clouds and fog. this is the scene from the lawrence hall of science thank you university of california- berkeley. only partial coastal clearing. seasonal today but a warmup over the weekend. this is that area of low pressure. i'm getting tired of talking about it. it's been sit there is all week long doing nothing! but now computer models suggest it's going to traverse to the east and gradually lift to the north allowing high pressure from the desert southwest to build in and that's when high pressure will be in full command and our temperatures soar. 89 in stockton and davis. 82 on the south shore. 73 monterey bay. flirting with triple digits in fresno. sundown at 8:05. partial coastal clearing by then. partly cloudy tonight. 70 san francisco. it's now 68 in pacifica going up to 70 there. we are talking mid- and high 80s away from the bay in our inland areas west winds up to
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about 15. 80 santa rosa and low 80s santa clara valley. we jump up to about 88 in gilroy. here's your extended forecast. warmer tomorrow. triple digits over the weekend. flat monday through wednesday. giants, oh, yeah, they have a baseball game. nationals are in town 62 degrees. this is where i'll be tomorrow night raiders preseason football! i'm ready to go. don't ask me who the quarterback is. but i'm ready. i have some homework to do as the rams come into town. we've talking football. >> it's about time. >> i want all of you and maria's mom to be my weather watchers. >> thank you. how about the dow getting healthy today finally after a tough couple of weeks. the dow jones industrial average right now they are up and that's good news after a mighty tough week up a little over 50 points. my favorite story of the day. it may become the latest must have pet. >> she is a goat lover.
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these little critters might have you weak in the knees. aspen acres in fresno county is selling goats. these aren't your ordinary goats mooned you. get this. they faint when they get excited! [ laughter ] >> boom! down he goes. that usually happens during feeding time but the ranch owners warn buyers, these goats are not for eating. >> they are so cute. >> they're fun. they faint. [ laughter ] >> there you go. all right. >> oh!! >> still ahead, people working towards a better life and career citizenship status gets in the way. how a bay area man is pursuing his dreams. helping others in the process. >> and a reminder if you have a consumer problem or question call our hotline at 888-5-helps- u. volunteers are there right now. we'll be right back. ,, ♪ [ male announcer ] choose it. scoop it. pour it. blend it. [ blender whirs ] no matter how you make it,
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you'll love our endless variety of beverages. baskin-robbins cappuccino blast®. customize yours today.
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they are smaller shaped differently but every bit delicious. >> they are. we are talking about roma tomatoes now. and here's tony tantillo. >> reporter: well, today's tip of the day is going to be is roma and plum too many in the market locally grown and they don't get much better. this time of year a lot of people buy those tomatoes. a lot of people that i know make sauce for the rest of the year and jarred because the sugar content is high. so let's talk about selection and storage. when you buy them, look at this chlorite here. beautiful deep red all the way around. and heavy for their size. that means there's no calfty in there. just some beautiful tomato. when you bring them home, like all tomatoes store them in a cool, dry place but not in the
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refrigerator. in the refrigerator, the cold temperatures deplete the flavor and nutritional value. roma tomatoes. time to make that wonderful marinara sauce because the tomatoes are there. and the price is great. and i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. it's time for me to make the sauce. bye-bye. you could call it the drink of champions but it might not be the best breakfast choice. wheaties teaming up with craft brewery in minnesota to produce a limited edition wheat beer. it doesn't contain wheaties but it will have a strong wheat taste. it will be available next month in minnesota. if it proves popular, the brewery may sell it nationally. so what are the rights of young people brought illegally to the united states by their parents? that is one aspect of the immigration controversy. and while the courts decide, this week's jefferson award winner isn't giving up on his dream for the future. elizabeth cook reports. reporter: at just nine years old, jirayut
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latthivongskorn, left thailand with his family with dreams for a better life in america. >> the main reason that we moved to the united states is because of the financial and economic difficulties we were facing back in thailand. for my parents, moving to america was the best and only choice. >> reporter: his parents worked in restaurants to make ends meet and encouraged him to keep going to school. he graduated from uc-berkeley with a degree in molecular and cell biology. but that's where he was told by teachers and advisers his education would likely end because he is an undocumented immigrant. >> medical school is one of the worst pathways you can take because there is a maximum number of barriers in terms of immigration status. fortunately, i think, i'm a little bit stubborn and i want to do here -- i have been able to channel it with motivation to really keep going. >> reporter: in his last semester of his senior year at cal, he started a nonprofit called "pre-health dreamers."
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>> i didn't know if it was possible to go to med school. my peers didn't know if it was possible to pursue a ph.d. in nursing. why a ph.d.? there was no one out there that was talking about it. >> reporter: while controversial, the group helps over undocumented students pursue higher degrees in the medical field. >> our mission here seeks to alleviate those barriers. >> reporter: david hernandez whose parents are farm workers is getting his masters in stem cell research. he says there is no way he could pursue higher education without "pre-health dreamers." >> imagine it's like a sign. you have to have some support. you know. some friends and someone who can help you out. >> reporter: for giving undocumented students hope for higher education in medicine, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to jirayut latthivongskorn. elizabeth cook, kpix 5. >> and if you would like to
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connect with "pre-health dreamers" use the link ,, ,,,,
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coming up tonight at 5:00 more than just your average craigslist clunker. a bay area seller wants to know what would you trade for steve jobs' car?
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hm. that and more at 5:00. it is thursday. >> it is. we have a studio audience of one. >> yeah. >> your mom is here. say hi to marylou! ladies and gentlemen! >> marylou is in the house! [ laughter ] >> and is this why you've only been getting an hour and two hours of sleep because you have been partying with mom? >> why haven't you been hooking up with me instead of you? >> she should. >> right. [ laughter ] >> all right. have a good night. >> yeah. >> ha,,
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